The third installment of the SVA Founder Profile Series features Andrew Milich, Co-Founder & CEO of Skiff, the company building the only end-to-end encrypted document collaboration platform with password protected folders, expiring links, and secure workplaces. We are so excited to highlight the work that Andrew, Co-Founder Jason Ginsberg, and the Skiff team are doing. We hope you enjoy learning a bit about Andrew’s experience as a founder and how Skiff came to be!

\Skiff Co-Founders Andrew Milich (L) and Jason Ginsberg (R)

Name: Andrew Milich

Hometown: New York, NY

Role: Co-Founder & CEO

Company: Skiff is a privacy-first, end-to-end encrypted collaboration platform.

Company Location: San Francisco / Remote

We’re excited to share the second installment of our ongoing founder profile series with you. This month we profile Adam Markowitz, Co-Founder & CEO of Drata, a company tackling the complicated problem of continuous SOC 2 compliance. We hope you’ll enjoy learning a bit about Adam’s journey as a founder and what he and team are building at Drata!

Adam Markowitz, Co-Founder & CEO of Drata

Name: Adam Markowitz

Hometown: Westlake Village, CA

Role: Co-Founder & CEO

Company: Drata

Company Location: San Diego, CA

Year Founded: 2020

A bit about Drata: Drata is a security and compliance automation platform that continuously monitors and collects evidence of a…

As Women’s History Month draws to a close, we’re thrilled to launch the first installment of the SV Angel Founder Profile series by highlighting one of the the amazing female founders in our portfolio, Madeleine Nguyen, Co-Founder and CEO of Talentdrop. We hope that you’ll enjoy learning a bit about Maddy’s journey and perspective as a founder, and stay tuned for future installments of the ongoing series!

Madeleine Nguyen, Co-Founder & CEO of Talentdrop

Name: Madeleine Nguyen

Hometown: Atherton, CA

Role: Co-Founder & CEO

Company: Talentdrop

Company Location: Atherton, CA

Year Founded: 2019

A bit about Talentdrop: You can think of us as a talent lab, experimenting…

We are excited to announce that Steven Lee has joined the SV Angel team! Steven will be joining Topher Conway and Beth Turner on the investment team as a Partner, continuing and promoting SV Angel’s core values and founder-first approach to investing.

Steven brings a wealth of experience and a data-driven approach. As a member of Twitter’s Global Market Insight & Analytics team, Steven was one of the first employees focused on monetization analytics. He partnered with Fortune Global 500 companies, like LG and Samsung, to analyze and optimize return on investment, and worked on measuring Twitter’s platform usage for…

As Airbnb and DoorDash file their IPOs this week, we want to congratulate these incredible founders and countless team members who made it happen.

Ten years ago, we jumped at the chance to support Brian Chesky, Nathan Blecharczyk, and Joe Gebbia as they pursue their vision to create a global community where people can belong, anywhere. Three years later, we were seed investors in Tony Xu, Stanley Tang, Andy Fang, and Evan Moore, when DoorDash was delivering for a few dozen restaurants in Palo Alto.

Along with building incredible businesses, these founders are also making an indelible impact on society…

We were honored to host Bill Gates on October 14th for an intimate conversation with Ron. The pair have known each other for 40 years, first meeting when Ron was a customer of Bill’s then-startup Microsoft, purchasing software for his then-startup, Altos Computers. Their conversation focused on Bill’s experience as a founder and businessman and dove deeply into the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic and Bill’s perspective on and passion for philanthropy. The summary that follows draws highlights from their discussion, which was originally live-streamed for SV Angel portfolio company founders.

**Bill’s responses are loosely quoted and sometimes paraphrased…

We’re pleased to share the first in a series of webinars that we are developing for our portfolio company founders. On Tuesday, June 23rd, Dr. Larry Brilliant joined us to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Brilliant was a key member of the successful WHO Smallpox Eradication Programme for SE Asia, as well as the WHO Polio Eradication Programme, and shared his unique perspective on the pandemic, informed by his experience and expertise in public health, virology, and infectious diseases, as well as his extensive work as an entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Summarized notes and a recording of the conversation are shared…

Last year, we announced a new approach to seed investing that allows us to continue to be laser-focused on serving founders. In order to accomplish our goal of being the best partner for founders, we decided to invest internal capital going forward.

Since that time, our new fund, SV Angel VII, has invested $25k — $100k in over 50 early stage companies. That’s about one new investment per week — the same pace in which we’ve invested for 25 years.

Additionally, Beth Turner has been running the new fund alongside Topher as a General Partner. Beth is an MIT graduate…

The investing ecosystem has gone through significant changes over the last 10 years. When we started SV Angel, there were just a handful of funds investing in seed rounds. We all worked together for the best outcome of founders and our early investments in companies like Twitter, Pinterest, Airbnb and Square were done in that spirit. We invested in great founders who pitched a compelling vision for the future, rarely having more than their word to invest on.

Today there are thousands of firms and individuals investing in seed rounds. Seed investors are raising larger funds, becoming more ownership-focused and…

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