SV Angel Founder Profile Series: Dhruv Saxena and Divey Gulati — ShipBob

ShipBob co-founders Dhruv (left) and Divey (right)

I wouldn’t call it user research as much as I would call it customer acquisition tactic, we often did things that weren’t scalable for us just so we could learn from our merchants needs.

Once we were able to break the barrier of onboarding customers in matter of minutes vs weeks, which is what our traditional competitors were doing, we realized that we could scale this faster than a traditional logistics company.

And you don’t have to come up with a 10 year vision of the company on day 1 but after listening and understand your clients, they should help define your product roadmap.

Work with investors who can add value and not just capital.

SV Angel had a thesis that resonated with our vision. They were more focused on the market and product vs only the financials and metrics. They added value before investing in us via introductions which helped us a lot!

During our hiring process we always look to hire for culture additions and not just culture fits. And we always try to hire the person that is smarter than us.

One of our core values is being resilient as we are always learning, growing and changing. So we often ask candidates: Tell me about a time you were given a task that you knew very little about. How did you approach it? What did you learn? What was the outcome?

Our top priorities were and still are our employees and merchants.

We launched the ShipBob Giving Fund to give to those experiencing financial hardship by unexpected tragedies during the pandemic. This fund raised $53,000 for those working through issues including schools shutting down, businesses closing, and health concerns. This fund will remain in perpetuity long after COVID-19 to support associates who need to bridge that financial gap through extreme situations. We have already provided over 75 grants in excess of $30,000.

We are proud to partner with an organization that cares about the community and the environment and allow our merchants to easily do the same.

~The best view comes after the hardest climb~



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